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Stolen at Birth: The Painful Legacy of Australia’s Forced Adoption Policy

The institutionalized theft of babies from unwed mothers-to-be began in the aftermath of WWII, when it was considered the ideal solution to two pressing social issues: married couples unable to conceive, and the unpalatable number of single women giving birth … Continue reading

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Releasing the Past: Mothers’ Stories  of their Stolen Babies

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Australian Psychological Ass: Forced Adoption   By Marguerite Hone, Project Officer, and Dr Lyn O’Grady MAPS, National Project Manager, Strategic Development and Public Interest, APS National Office Historical context “I will never fully heal from the grief and trauma of losing my baby the way I … Continue reading

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Chief Minister Adam Giles: should not be involved in advising Senator Brandeis of terms of reference for Royal Commission

Excerpt from Another Stolen Generation in the Making Part !   The Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry found that up to “197 babies were taken from their parent’s hours after birth in north Queensland hospitals between July 2009 and … Continue reading

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Absolutely shocking. Inhumane, this is genocide. Slowly destroying an entire race of people. Australia has no right to accuse any other country of human rights violations. There are more children being taken from their families than at the height of the stolen generations – supposedly for their safety – what bs. You cannot tell me children are removed from their families for their safety or protection. The stolen generations suffered enormous physical emotional and sexual abuse after being removed “for their benefit” – well documented – now we can see on 4 corners how they are treated in 2016 when removed from their families. Child protection workers who break up families and those nazi guards depicted on 4 corners tonight should all be incarcerated.FB POSTS

Dr. Christine A. Cole

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PM Malcolm Turnbull’s push for adoption: Adoption Awareness Week

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called for adoption reform to tackle the plight of 50,000 vulnerable Australian children living in foster families who face the prospect of never growing up in a permanent home. Financially incentivising the care … Continue reading

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See July 2015 article: Social workers who made a 35 year old Italian mother to give up her baby after a forced caesarean is required to explain themselves to Britain’s top Family Judge. In a highly unusual intervention, Sir … Continue reading

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The bond between grandparents and grandchildren

The above was a recent post on Facebook to which I could not help responding:   If only it was true that the bond between grandparents and grandchildren can never be broken – some parents for all sorts of reasons … Continue reading

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Former prime minister Julia Gillard will launch a new national charity that will support pregnant teenagers.

Gillard has signed on as ambassador for the Brave Foundation, a charity that aims to provide “education, support and resources for teenage and unplanned pregnancy”. Australia’s first female PM will launch the charity nationally on Friday 13 November at the … Continue reading

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The Corrupt Business of Child Protection: US Legal Case – Parents v CPA

The following is an excerpt of what US Senator Schaefer stated about the US Child Protection Industry: The Adoption and the Safe Families Act, set in motion by President Bill Clinton, offered cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they … Continue reading

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