Campaign on Forced Adoption Records

Philomena Lee is fighting to have birth records opened in Ireland.  Her story is one of absolute cruelty.  Her child was stolen from her and sold by nuns to American adopters.

Some of the language in the article is interesting:  “Sixty years after the Irish Government legalised forced adoption for unmarried mothers, files still remain closed”.

To legalise Forced Adoption is an oxymoron.  Since forced adoption implies coercion and therefore is illegal.  Unfortunately Australia in 2014 is revisiting illegal adoption by implementing a new set of laws and policy that do underpin Forced Adoption. Legitimising the unconscionable – another stolen generation.  Please read my letter to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Tony Abbott is continually telling us we live in the lucky country.  I guess we do if we manage to hang on to our children.


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