Murdoch’s Hypocrisy

The Murdoch Press has made no secret of its pro Forced Adoption stance. Murdoch’s newspapers and magazines have supported the Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman’s campaign to make adoption acceptable in Australia once again, even if that means forcibly taking the babies of parents, usually single mothers’.  Abbott was reported widely in the Murdoch owned media,  that he was going to make adoption for infertile couples “quicker” and “easier” by removing the children of “ineffective parents”.

The Australian has printed numerous articles, by the politically aligned think tank: The Centre for Interdependent Studies,  in particular, Jeremy Sammut, supporting the philosophy of Forced Adoption.  The ideology being that not to do so will lead to an underclass of single mothers breeding another generation of criminals. The CIS and Sammut are firmly behind cutting single mothers’ benefits.

Interestingly today the Australian  headlines Philomena Lee, who had her baby taken under an Irish policy of Forced Adoption.  However there were no such headlines for anyone of the hundreds of thousands of individuals affected by Forced Adoption in Australia when former Prime Minister Julia Gillard apologised for the brutal practices that took place in order to provide children for the infertile for most of the 20th century. Just a fear campaign run through Murdoch’s media that apologising to us for having our babies stolen and forcibly adopted could “tarnish” adoption and worse that low levels of adoption are leading to more child abuse.  So isn’t then hypocritical to promote Forced Adoption for Australian single mothers, but praise the Pope for meeting with Philomena?

Interestingly though, The Australian focuses on the fact that Philomena does not blame the Pope or anyone else.  It is worth noting that this is how Philomean survived such a brutal event, as she states, by not carrying a grudge.  But because Philomena does not blame anyone does not mean that the Church and all the non-church institutions that stole women’s babies and sold them for adoption, or social workers and matrons who maintained their income, or received donations, by doing the same thing, are not to blame.  They are.   They are guilty of kidnap, fraud, making a profit by deception and of torture and inhumane and degrading treatment.  How about it Mr. Murdoch, stop promoting Forced Adoption in Australia.

Another important point is that:

“On Wednesday, a UN human rights committee essentially held the Vatican responsible for such forced adoptions arranged by Catholic-run institutions in Ireland, urging it to investigate and compensate victims. The recommendation was contained in a scathing report on the Vatican’s failure to protect children as a signatory to a UN treaty on children’s rights”.

Which is just what PM Tony Abbott, Premier Barry O’Farrell, Pru Goward and Louise Voigt are failing to do  in Australia right now by once again promoting Forced Adoption!

The beginning of intercountry adoption – trafficking children from Ireland to the USA circa 1950s

“An approximate 60,000 unwed Irish Catholic women were forced to give up their babies and Lee hopes that the pope may help those women and those children reunite.

“You can’t go through life being so unyielding …so you’ve got to forgive,” Lee said of how she was able to keep her faith. “You’ve got to. You just have to forgive.”

On stage at the Golden Globe Awards last month, Lee said the film with her name wasn’t just about her.

“It’s the shared story of the women who have yet to receive the justice they deserve,” she said, referring to many unwed Irish mothers who also had their children taken from them and who want to find out what happened to them.””

Here in Australia 303 mothers submitted written testimonies to the NSW Inquiry into Past Adoption Practices because we were promised they would be available on line to educate the community about what happened. After the Inquiry they were made confidential.   I wrote to Pru Goward in 2013 and she and her government still refuse to make our submissions available. The brutal and illegal acts are still being kept secret, why?

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  1. hitlers bride73 says:

    It is Nothing more than Child Trafficking.
    By The Government.

  2. Joe Hockey in his new biography states that the Australian PM, Tony Abbott, informed US citizen Rupert Murdoch about his paid parental leave policy before he told him: the Treasurer of the Australia’s Government – who’s running Australia? In fact Tony Abbott briefed Rupert Murdoch on paid parental leave before his government’s party room

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