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The following comment was a response to my yesterday’s post – I think however, it warrants being posted generally as it encompasses many of the crimes committed against mothers, fathers and their children perpetrated by the government and its representatives and for which to date no-one has been held responsible.  In my case the social worker who lied and deceived me, also  lied to others in order to kidnap their children.  My social worker told another mother that her baby had died, when he had not, and another that if her and her partner did not sign the consent then the hospital would not perform the operation needed to save their daughter’s life.  So here we have 3 incidents that I am personally aware of where this one social worker purposely deceived mothers to take their children.  As everyone is aware a consent was never supposed to be signed when a mother was distressed, yet this woman wrote on my social work papers that after the birth I was distressed and 3 months later when I returned to the hospital still pleading for my daughter, that I was “still distressed”. Though I requested my child be returned she stated there was nothing she could do.  She knew it was illegal to take my consent whilst distressed and in any case a consent was a contract and to expect someone to sign a contract, particularly a minor, under the influence of drugs constitutes an ‘unconscionable contract’ and was and still is illegal.  This woman went on to have a career as head of a social work department at another hospital and is still alive – why has she never been made accountable for her crimes and for the damage and havoc she inflicted on so many lives? These same questions are being asked by the author of the below comment:


It has now been over 56 years since my husband was kidnapped from his mother at birth. She died before he ever had the chance to meet her. In May last year , on his 55th birthday he applied to the AIU to have all information released to him. In September last year he received the adoption paper that his mother had signed . All the information had been typed in. The date and place of signing was missing. He discovered that his mother and father had been in a relationship for 12 months and that his father was 27 years old. His mother had left all of his fathers details including his last name.(She would have expected it to have been on his original birth certificate but it WASN”T!!!! )The AIU however REMOVED his fathers name because it was not on the Memorandum of Adoption. It was not on the MoA because the social worker at the time did not want the father getting in the way of the adoption. In early October he asked PARC to obtain his fathers name from the AIU. In early December PARC finally received his fathers name to begin the search. In early April he applied under Freedom of Information to the Minister Pru Goward to obtain his fathers name. Her office wrote back saying they had referred the application back to the AIU. This has been an exercise in frustration. We have the ludicrous situation of the AIU and PARC knowing his fathers name but my husband is not allowed to know his own fathers name!!!!. So the law applies now but it was quite acceptable in 1958 for an almost 23 year old woman to have her only child kidnapped at birth, forced to sign a false document, witnessed by a JP (who committed perjury) and given away to strangers by the Supreme Court of NSW.  So all of those who took part in a criminal act (doctor, midwives, JP, social worker, child welfare department director and last but not least the Supreme Court judge) are apparently all above the law. If this disgraceful practice doesn’t warrant a Royal Commission then I don’t know what does!!!!
How many others have been getting the run around like we have? If this is typical then the apologies from politicians was just a cheap and cruel exercise to gain political points.
We are totally disgusted by the criminals who perpetrated this crime and those who protected them and still do to this day.

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