State sanctioned kidnap

“Bob Geldof, launching a report last December on the “barbaric” chaos of our family law system, called “state-sanctioned kidnap”, whereby social workers, abetted by family courts and an army of complicit lawyers and “experts”, routinely snatch children from loving parents to feed the maw of the adoption and fostering industry.”

Tony Abbott wants to emulate the UK and US big business adoption models by fully privatizing the care industry here and financially incentivising child removal.  Financially rewarding NGO’s  for child removal  has never worked in the past, why does Abbott think it will now?

In 2011 Martin Narey, former CEO of Barnardos, and Uncle to several adopted children, was featured in a 3 month promotion of adoption in Murdoch’s magazine, The Times.  Narey went on to become known as the Czar of Adoption advising the government on adoption policy. Barnardos Australia under the leadership of Louise Voight, rakes in $37,000 for every child fast tracked from the foster care industry into adoption.  She does not believe in family preservation nor that vulnerable families can be “rehabilitated”.   It is not surprising that Barnardos is at the forefront of the adoption industry.  One only needs to read the organisations’ history.  In the late 19th century, many parents filed cases against the founder of the organisation, Dr. Barnardo,  for kidnapping their children, and then sending them abroad to the back blocks of Canada, South Africa and of course Australia.  We know that the children that he sent here were brutalised in institutions. And though many sent to Canada were adopted, they were still abused, used for cheap labour and many just disappeared. Thousands of pounds were made by unscrupulous operators in the early adoption industry.  Various State Inquiries into the care industry have recommended to the Australian government that the safest place for the majority of children is with their parents.  They have also concluded that it is cheaper to put in support systems to assist vulnerable families stay together than to pay strangers large amounts of money to care for someone else’s child.  It seems that when individuals are rewarded for child removing and the foster care and adoption industry make millions for the unscrupulous, children are not kept safe, but become yet another commodity to be traded.


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