Joe Hockey: “There is no budget crisis in Australian economy” – so why impoverish sole parents?

The government’s line that we have to cut spending because of  the “debt and deficit crisis Labor has left us with”  has been resoundingly denied by Treasurer, Joe Hockey.  A pundit stated on ABC’s Insiders program  (27/07/2014):  “Well there has been some good news  as SBS is reporting that Joe Hockey has told an audience in New Zealand this week that  the Australian economy is NOT in trouble and that there is NO CRISIS AT ALL in the Australian economy”.  Why then does the Treasurer think that the budget cuts did not go far enough and that he should have been able to cut more spending in the welfare sector when Sole parents are already going to be worse off by $6000 per year?  It is absolute proof of what a cruel budget the Australian Tea Party has introduced and that it is based on lies and broken promises and an extreme right wing neo-liberal ideologue agenda. The Liberal Party had no mandate to cut welfare and further impoverish sole parents – and the reasons it has put out for doing so are based on lies – as proven by Hockey himself.

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