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Petition reads:


invites all NSW mothers, adoptees and affected family members, who were forcibly separated under a national policy of Forced Adoption enacted via state government institutions, to petition the NSW government to fulfil its moral and legal duties commensurate with the apology it issued to the citizens it wronged.


Any NSW resident who supports this initiative – even though not personally affected, can also sign the petition.

When we get 250 plus signatures this Petition will be presented to Hon Jan Barham MP (Greens) to table at NSW Parliament House on our behalf .

Barham states: Your petitioners request that the House will call on the NSW Government to establish:

  • an annual Day of Recognition of Forced Adoption Practices,
  • a public memorial to commemorate the apology to those affected by forced adoption practices in NSW,
  • and a public awareness campaign to recognise forced adoption practices


I would also like included in the request that:

  • the 303 accounts submitted by mothers at the NSW Inquiry  practices –
  • given in good faith on the condition that they were  made public – no longer be suppressed,
  • but made freely available on-line so that they are rightfully included
  • in the nations’s historical account of Australia’s policy of Forced Adoption.

Dr. Christine A. Cole

[2] Unwed mothers and newborns forcibly separated (stolen)
Apology for Forced Adoption Practices, the Hon Jan Barham

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