Mothers and Adoptees have right to access honest birth certificate

The birth certificate that is issued to an adoptee is the only legal document that is allowed to lie. It is a fraudulent document in that its purpose is to deceive.  The birth certificate removes from history the real mother and father and records the names of two biological strangers as the parents. It pretends that it was they who  are responsible for the birth of the child.  It is a  legal fiction.  The real mother and father are thus rendered invisible.  And is possibly why the legal scholar, Robert Ludbrook, stated to the Law Reform Commission in 1994, that an adoption certificate was akin to a property deed, in that it reflected a transference of ownership rather than a person’s true heritage.

A birth certificate is a powerful symbol of a person’s identity. Every human being has an inherent need to know from where they came. Knowing who we are is an inherent right that everyone has except adopted persons.  They do not have  what we take for granted: knowing our forebears.  This knowing gives us a  sense of security, connectedness and belonging – it gives us a truthful reflection of our place in the world.

Recommendation 13 of the Senate Inquiry into former forced adoption polices and practices states:

  • all jurisdictions adopt integrated birth certificates, that these be issued to eligible people upon request, and that they be legal proof of identity of equal status to other birth certificates, and

  • jurisdictions investigate harmonisation of births, deaths and marriages register access and the facilitation of a single national access point to those registers

Recommendation 14

  • All jurisdictions adopt a process for allowing the names of fathers to be added to original birth certificates of children who were subsequently adopted and for whom fathers’ identities were not originally recorded; and

  • Provided that any prescribed conditions are met, the process be administrative and not require an order of a court

Nearly all mothers provided the name of the father and all his family history. I provided my stolen daughter’s father’s name, his parents and siblings.  I gave his work history, his likes and dislikes, his mother and father’s employment histories.  Yet his name was omitted from my daughter’s birth certificate.  Why?  Because keeping the father’s name off the birth certificate made it easier for the social worker in cases where a father might challenge the adoption order.  Such as a father who was living with the mother or  had been providing for her care during the pregnancy.  Additionally inserting the father’s name on the birth certificate gives voice to an alternative narrative to the one given by adoption agents. It revealed the child had a father who cared enough to be named on the birth record. This is highly symbolic and makes a lie of the stories social workers’ spun to assuage the guilt of would be adopters – such as the father left the mother penniless – or the baby was the result of a brief affair or a one night stand – hence the baby was unwanted.

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which now also includes calling on the legislature to undo past legislation  that shrouded the theft of our children in lies and hid their true identity.  This past unjust and unfair legislation  has an affect on our present.  Not just in denying adoptees their right to know their true history, but in cases where mothers find their infant has died before they ever got a chance to meet and when they apply for a death certificate they are denied that as well.  Being legally wiped out of existence via the original birth certificate has a flow on effect down the generations.  One of the posts on this site was of an adoptee who cannot access details of his father because they were never included on his birth certificate and his mother sadly passed away before they met. The grandchildren will never know their grandmother and are now denied any opportunity to meet their grandfather.  The authorities have the details but will not release them.  The law was not followed then, but unfortunately for this adoptee is being stringently adhered to now.

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  1. eagoodlife says:

    Unhappily not so in my case. Father’s name were routinely not included or asked for in SA in 1944 and if my mother had not been alive and we had not found each other I would never have known about my father. Today I wrestle with a passport renewal which insists I show my afather or mother’s birth certificate as proof of who I am!! What sort of travesty and insult is that?

  2. eagoodlife says:

    Reblogged this on The Life Of Von and commented:
    Here in SA we are lucky enough to have access to our BC’s but most likely our father’s name will not have been recorded if we were bastards. The BC is such an insult and if you are lucky enough to have both real and fake ones as I do, there is no connection between them. Nothing to show this is the same person because it was designed to wipe out that evidence and make us different people. It hits home for me particularly today as I am renewing my passport and as proof of identity have to show my afather’s BC!! How bizarre is that? I’m annoyed, I’m angry and triggered badly today. I cannot pretend otherwise and if I get through lodging my application at 3pm without tears I’ll be very surprised. A hot topic still for so many!

  3. When I applied for my daughters Original/real Birth certificate in WA in 1987 (I am her Natural Mother) I was rejected & told I was not entitled to it !!!
    Fortunately, I didn’t give up, I contacted the ombudsman of the Western Australian Newspaper & he acted on my behalf.
    When, I was reunited with my firstborn 6 months later, I was able to give her, the true record of her birth & identity.
    How Appaulling that both of us were denied this document, but the real shock, was seeing my daughters falsified (amended) Birth certificate several years later, lies, lies & more lies it was enough to make me vomit.
    Marilyn Murphy.

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