NSW Apology Anniversary – beginning of a new era

NSW Apology Anniversary

A small group gathered to have lunch and a chat to commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of the NSW apology.  From left to right – Representatives of the national adoptee organisation: Association for Adoptees Inc. Australia – Secretary/ Treasurer:  Mandy Williamson, President: Kerri Saint; Apology Alliance Australia: Dr. Christine A. Cole; Adoptees: Vicki and Alison

Kerri and Mandy flew down from Brisbane to attend the event held at the NSW Parliament on Thursday organised by Jan Barham MLC (Greens).  The day was a great success. We are all very grateful to Jan for taking the initiative to organise the event as well as provide us with a wonderful lunch.

Kerri and I both spoke about the need to implement practical measures as part of the apology process and to ensure that the apology is not a hollow gesture but the first step on a path towards healing for us and reconciliation between us and the NSW government.

Shortly I will post up the talk I gave

Thursday’s event and today’s lunch are both hugely historical and will grow into something much larger – some were disappointed that they did not hear about the meeting at Parliament until too late for them to make arrangements to attend, but all was done on such short notice as the motion to have a day of recognition and a memorial was passed only a week ago.


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