Salvation Army using Dr. Jeremy Sammut’s research to promote forced adoption?

“Unless the emphasis on family preservation is reversed in the children’s best interests, and greater use is made of adoption to give children safe and stable homes, governments will be forced to spend increasing sums on OOHC to cater to the high needs of increasing numbers of damaged, disturbed and distressed children and young people…the rising size, cost, and complexity of the out-of-home care system in Australia is directly linked to child protection failures. Children are entering care later and more damaged, and are spending longer in care due to the misguided emphasis placed on family preservation by child welfare agencies.’

Dr. Naomi Perry in her thesis describes how matrons of Salvation Homes in Tasmania (the references are in my thesis linked to this blog) were able to dispense with unwed mothers’ consents under the Mental Deficiency Act 1920 (Tas.) and forcibly take their newborns and place them with married couples for adoption.  Therefore it would seem  the Salvation Army has a long history with Forced Adoption in Australia – is this the phenomenon the Salvation Army and Dr. Jeremy Sammut are suggesting we revisit?

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