Please say NO to the question: Should adoptions be made easier?

At present the poll is 76 % for  the YES  vote and and only 22% for the NO

The pro adoption lobby  spend their time trolling websites and participating in such polls to create an impression that everyone thinks adoption is the preferred welfare option  to help them push their case for the expansion of adoption under the guise of a child protection issue.

I am aware that many thinking Australians now see through the smoke and mirror campaign that those “desperately  wanting babies” are engaged in, but many do not have the time, motivation or are paid to spend hours creating a particular perception of adoption on social media

Please say NO to making adoption easier for adults.  Please think of the children who lose their identity, have their birth certificate altered to reflect a false reality and the many who lose all ties with  and knowledge about their original families.


“The long-term fall in numbers can, in part, be attributed to legislative changes, such as the increased use of alternative legal orders in Australia, and improvements in local adoption practices in countries of origin,” the report read.

Alternative care arrangements can be made for children who truly cannot remain with their family or extended kin – they do not need to have their biological ties severed completely nor have their identities changed to suit the demands of adults who want to own babies.


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  1. Rob Taylor says:

    This poll is heartbreaking for the mothers , fathers and babies who are going to have their lives traumatised forever due to the selfishness and entitlement attitudes of infertile couples and their political enablers.

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