New Documentary exposes UK child trafficking under guise of Forced Adoption: CASH FOR KIDS

The following URL exposes what is happening under the UK Forced Adoption Program – which has been promoted by Bernardos and the Rupert Murdoch Press

There is an evil push in Australia to not only bring back forced adoption but expand it and

make it big business –  the way it operates in the UK.

Individuals like Dr. Jeremy Sammut of the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS), a right wing conservative think tank, espouses the Tank’s foundational ideology:  any welfare recipient is a bludger and single parents create an underclass of criminals.  Its ideology is pure eugenics, not surprising since Sammut’s mentor is the American eugenicist Charles Murray – a co-author of the book The Bell Curve. In which was stated that if you take a newborn from its unwed mother and gave it to a two parent family its IQ increased by 10 points – that book was published – not in 1910  but – in 1995.

I have discussed the high number of children abused in the foster industry – where one foster care contractor stood out – ‘Life Without Barriers’ (LWB).

It is making millions of dollars profit each year from placing children with poorly screened carers.  500 Carers were/are under investigation for abuses against children. Recently the ABC reported that a child in the care of LWB drowned in a filthy backyard pool – that had no safety fence. The house was filthy and littered with pills and alcohol. The father had asked for respite care for his son whilst he withdrew off methadone. He had asked if a family member could be a carer.  The Dept. denied him and pressured him into consenting to a stranger taking his son under its foster care program – if not they were going to take his son permanently.  The child’s parents and extended family are heart broken.  This story was in the media for five minutes then disappeared.   However if one biological parent has abused his or her child it plays on and on in the media, not for days but months – without any context.  Journalists don’t ask if the parent was  a victim of past abusive welfare practices?   Do they have mental health problems?  I mean we have literally hundreds of thousands of mothers and fathers damaged by being forcibly removed from their family of origin under the Stolen Generations; Forced Adoption; British Migrant; Forgotten Australians programs – Australia seems to have learnt little from its past catastrophic welfare ‘solutions’. Then ironically rather than assisting parents the State has made vulnerable it permanently destroys them by stealing their children – for  PROFIT

Do not let the Murdoch/CIS agenda be implemented in Australia. If Forced Adoption is allowed to expand like it has done in the UK it could be your child they come for next!


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