The Killing Season

In the third instalment of  ABC’s The Killing Season

Paul Howes, former National Secretary of the Australian Worker’s Union,  acknowledged his anger at having our Federal Apology (21/3/2013) interrupted by Simon Crean’s attempt to oust Prime Minister Gillard – who was issuing our apology – the very same day.  Howes stated that he was very angry as he, like hundreds of thousands of non-Indigenous families, illegally torn apart by past government policies, had waited their entire lifetime to hear the representative of our Government and Nation say sorry for what was effectively another stolen generation: the white stolen generation.

I was very glad that our apology was acknowledged during the program as we had such little publicity at the time and as far as I am concerned very little media interest in our issues now.

I got to know Paul as a friend whilst we worked together on the Working Group set up to draft the formal apology to be given by our first female Prime Minister.

The PM with my granddaughter: Bella & Apology Draft Working Grorup

Paul is standing on the far left of the picture, my granddaughter is standing next to our PM and I have a pink cardigan on.  Professor Nahum Mushin is standing at the far right.

Paul and I did an interview together and he is indeed a very powerful speaker  – he certainly did not hold back during the interview

Without Consent: Australia's Post Adoption Practices Exhibition launch

Without Consent: Australia’s Post Adoption Practices Exhibition launch

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