In my thesis I discuss the stigma unwed mothers suffered. Interestingly though unwed mothers who had support (grandparents or if older, friends) suffered far less stigma and usually got to keep their babies. It was those that had no support that were preyed upon and suffered barbaric practices. Practices such as being heavily drugged with mind altering barbiturates and most heinously not being allowed to have any eye contact with their infant at the birth.  Mothers never gave away their babies – they never had them to begin.  Before the first Upper House Inquiry (NSW 1998-2000) when we mothers spoke out most people said “This would never happened in Australia “.  After the Inquiry when all the abusive and cruel treatment perpetrated on us was exposed all those involved in the theft of our babies changed the narrative. They began saying “well it was the social mores of the time” – and they were only doing what Australian society wanted.  It is no surprise to me that there still exists bigots and misogynists. But mothers are able to keep their children because they no longer use drugs, abuse, humiliation, brainwashing, tie mothers to beds or shove pillows into their faces so they don’t see their newborn.  So yes we still have stigma and single mothers need our support to be protected from it – because there are still many adults who can’t have their own children and will do all in their power to promote adoption and to continue the ugly stigma so they gain support for once again been able to forcibly remove babies.

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