Adoptive mother does not want contact

In Australia Barnardos is promoting its Open Adoption Scheme by claiming it is different from old style adoption as parents get to see their child 3 times a year.  Open adoption was used in the past to lure,  usually young, poor mothers to part with their newborns.  Now it is a ploy being used to convince society and welfare workers that people will not end up as damaged as they were under the closed secret system.   Another smoke and mirrors campaign.  Mothers and babies separated by adoption are traumatised by the act of separation, and adoptive parents do not want contact with the adopted child’s original mother.  Mothers have committed suicide when adopters have reneged on their open adoption agreement.  I have written about the use of open adoption as a tactic of deceit in Part 8 of A new Stolen Generation in the Making. As one mother stated:

“One of the most revolting tactics used to obtain babies is the promise of “open adoption”, the promised of continued contact with their child, made only with the intent to lure in unsuspecting mothers who might have otherwise kept their child.  Open adoption agreements are not legally binding as other child custody or visitation agreements are and this frequently has devastating consequences.  Many a mother is grieving the loss of a child to adoption.  This grieving is compounded when she has so obviously, blatantly been used as a baby-making machine and then tossed out like yesterday’s garbage oncer her child is in possession of the adopters”.[1]

[1] Frisch, L. (2004, Apr 13). ‘‘Fast Track Adoption’ Ends in Suicide’, PRWeb Press Release Newswire,

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