Love Child – new series exposes truth about Forced Adoption

A new series begins on Australian television tonight exposing the cruel and barbaric practices used to forcibly remove children from unwed mothers. This is a truly historical event.  It is the first time the media has examined the subject with the depth and the sensitivity it requires.  Previously we have only heard from the perspective of those who sat in power.  The adoption agents and social workers that operated in the Unwed Mother and Baby Homes and the social workers who were attached to the maternity hospitals.  Our version of history is remarkably different.  We attest to the fact that our babies were stolen at birth and delivered up to an avarice market where the most egregious practices were excused in the name of providing an infertile couple with a newborn.  There was no consideration for the mother, nor in fact for the long term impact on her baby.He or she being removed from its entire biological family. Nor the effect of having one’s entire social history wiped clean.  This series is timely. It reminds us that when you operate a system on market principles and designate one group of people inferior to the other it is a recipe for social disaster.  Whether that be in the slave trade or trafficking children for adoption. When those who are in power feed the mainstream media with lies and distortions of reality, where those who have the money and power have a need that must be met, a very evil side of human nature is exposed.  The new channel 9 series exposes  a system where all those dynamics were at play. Starts tonight at 8.40 pm.

Disclosure of personal bias:  I acted as a consultant for the program over 12 months ago.  I gave the producers a copy of the book, Releasing the Past: Mothers’ Stories of their Stolen Babies, as they wanted to portray  the time and events as accurately as possible. Recently they sent me 3 episodes to comment on and I thought they were excellent. I thought the program was indeed historically accurate and  is the first time that our issue has been discussed by the media with the depth and sensitivity it deserves.  I think the program will enliven serious conversation around the issue of Forced Adoption.

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  1. barbaramaison says:

    Go to Radio 2GB into Chris Smith’s afternoon session and you can listen to the whole interview
    and download the audio – well worth listening to.

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