Excellent comments re Baby Gammy’s Post & need for integrated Birth Certificate

I have copied and paste some excellent comments generated from the Baby Gammy Post – you can also find them on the right hand side of the page under comments  –  but to bring them to everyone’s attention I thought I would also collect them here:

I am saddened and outraged by Deborrah-Lee Furness’ ignorant statement. Gammy’s mother, from Gammy’s perspective is Ms Pattharamon. She is his womb mother, despite the biological input. She was his safety and nurturance for nine months. Furness’ comment is an insult not only to Ms Pattharamon, but to the Thai people as saying they are not good enough parents. We are repeating the pain of decades of adoption trauma of separation of infants from their mothers, if we think this is an easy solution to providing babies. Babies are not commodities and are not transplantable. Have we still not learnt that?


“When the baby has a mother but the adopters stand at the foot of the bed waiting for it to be born so they cut the cord and take possession, in my opinion that is using another women’s womb for your benefit. It has nothing to do with the welfare or rights of the child.”

Yes, why is the baby never considered? Gammy has his mother.
He is bonded to her.
As someone who was taken from my mother at birth (relinquished), I can tell you, I remembered and suffered all my life, even though I did not know I was adopted until middle age (let alone being taken away after six months of life with her).
Just think about this for a moment.
Even though no-one told me, I knew in my body, in my marrow, in my cells, in my limbic system.
My body knew. My heart knew.
My soul knew.
My body lived out my existential grief across the decades.

Babies cannot simply be taken away and ‘given’ to someone else.
Why is Gammy’s mother not a good enough mother for him?
The answer to that question may expose many in the Western World to a charge of insensitivity, ignorance and/or unconscious arrogance.


Taking a baby from the mother who carried him because she is not ‘a good family’! As always DLF seems to have no interest in what is best for the child.

What more is there to say, the article hits he nail on the head. DLF is as always only interested in pushing her agenda not about the best interests of the child. Unfortunately she has the ear of a fickle PM who runs with whoever seems the most influential.


In the Bringing Them Home report of 1997 it established that 90% of adult Aboriginal male prisoners in Australia had been adopted, fostered or institutionalized as children. In NSW 95% of adult male (self termed) Aboriginal prisoners had been adopted, fostered or institutionalized as children. Is removing a child from its family really in the best interest of the child?

Taking children from their biological family creates catastrophic consequences for that individual and the entire society. Many children extracted from their biological origins grow into adults who have had their true identities hidden and suffer from a range of distressing identity problems…. Their children in turn also have to take on fictive ancestries…. Is living a lie, in the best interest of the child/adult? What child/adult?

Waiting for eighteen years before being legally permitted to find the truth of your own identity defeats the purpose of individual security. How can it be in the best interest of a child to have a fictive identity forced upon him or her only to find the truth as an adult?

Who Do You Think You Are? Is an extremely popular and intriguing television series where well known individuals come to ‘find themselves through their ancestors’. I would like to know Who Debra Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman think they are. Have they told the boy they took at birth about his mother? Have they told her that his mother killed herself because she was not allowed to see him her son? The lies and secrecy gives a lifelong cover to adopters for their kidnapping of another woman’s baby. Is this lifelong secrecy in the best interest of a child/adult?
Just exactly who does benefit from lies and secrecy? Who is being protected by lies and secrecy and being removed from all natural biological communications…. Has the baby been abused by every member of its own family? Why stigmatize a baby/child/adult?


A woman’s mental and physical health is severely compromised thorough pregnancy alone. ‘Surrogate’ mothers ( baby would not exist without her) bodies are bombarded with hormones to prepare her body for a pregnancy….. 40 weeks pregnancy is hard going for many women. Often surrogate mothers have two embryos implanted into her body. Having twins is even harder on her body. She has no choice but to continue with the pregnancy. She has no legal rights. She has no idea how she is going to feel after giving birth to her children. Western babies are bigger than Asian babies and she is likely to undergo a Caesarean…. Do they use stilboestrol to dry the milk? Lasix? She could get maternal Diabetes, post Partum Depression/ Psychosis, bladder and/ or damage to her internal organs and I am certain Surrogacy has its own special repercussions socially for her and her family. Does she want a relationship with her child/children? Her health does not even enter the picture.

IF the ‘Surrogate’ mother does get paid it is not standardized and regulated. How come the surrogate mothers in India and Asia are still in poverty and have to suffer another pregnancy (usually with twins) after the 40 week ordeal of pregnancy? The orphans and surrogate mother do not seem to be benefiting economically from this slave trade do they? Yet time and again we are told that the going rate to buy a womans body for 40 weeks and own a child/children is around $40,000. The fertility slavers do not want to pay her…. They are demanding a baby for free.


Furness is an ignorant , barren woman who believes, that by kidnapping another woman’s baby, she becomes a mother. She is NOT a mother and NEVER will be.

She is delusional if she believes adoptive parents (kidnappers) can give a child a better life than their mother and father.

By supporting Furness, Harmer has betrayed other mothers. Harmer should be ashamed of herself for actively promoting the kidnapping of babies from their mothers.

Furness is incapable of empathy for others and cares only about herself.

She will never be a real woman in the true sense of the word. If she wasn’t married to a rich and famous husband she would have no influence.

She has no achievements of her own. She can’t even bear a child. How pathetic is she!!!


Reblogged this on The Life Of Vonand commented:
Here in SA we are lucky enough to have access to our BC’s but most likely our father’s name will not have been recorded if we were bastards. The BC is such an insult and if you are lucky enough to have both real and fake ones as I do, there is no connection between them. Nothing to show this is the same person because it was designed to wipe out that evidence and make us different people. It hits home for me particularly today as I am renewing my passport and as proof of identity have to show my afather’s BC!! How bizarre is that? I’m annoyed, I’m angry and triggered badly today. I cannot pretend otherwise and if I get through lodging my application at 3pm without tears I’ll be very surprised. A hot topic still for so many!


Unhappily not so in my case. Father’s name were routinely not included or asked for in SA in 1944 and if my mother had not been alive and we had not found each other I would never have known about my father. Today I wrestle with a passport renewal which insists I show my afather or mother’s birth certificate as proof of who I am!! What sort of travesty and insult is that?


Now that so many victims of “forced adoptions” (kidnapping) have had their paperwork released to them ,is it possible to begin to compile a list of all of those (criminals) who were involved?
I have a full list of everyone involved in my family’s case and am prepared to release them for public viewing.

Just as the victims of institutional chid sexual abuse were named before that Royal Commission began, could this list be the beginning of a push for a justifiable Royal Commission into “forced adoptions”?

Those responsible need to be held accountable no matter how long ago these crimes were committed. Kidnapping is a criminal offence and these babies were kidnapped. The perpetrators have been protected for far too long.

I would value the opinions of others whose lives have been affected by this cruel practice.



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  1. Rob Taylor says:

    I fully support the correction of false Birth Certificates which are based on lies.
    All Birth Certificates of those who were stolen/kidnapped at birth and “rebranded” should now record the truth of the child’s heritage.
    The parents, both mother AND father must be recorded.
    It must also be recorded that the child was stolen/kidnapped at birth.
    It should also be recorded, sadly, on the mother’s and father’s Death Certificates that a child was born to them but stolen/kidnapped at birth.
    This is my family’s sad situation as the mother concerned only had one child who was stolen/kidnapped at birth but not recorded on her Death Certificate. The birth of HER child MUST be acknowledged.
    The child should also be removed as a child of the adoptive parent’s on their Death Certificate’s as the child was NOT theirs to claim.

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