Furness wants Baby Gammy taken from his Mum and given to a “good family”

Furness is using  the tragic case of Baby Gammy to promote her pro adoption agenda. In an on-line article published today both adoption and making commercial surrogacy available in Australia are being touted as the answers to the problems that became apparent in the Baby Gammy case.  Unfortunately the article says little about adequate screening of adopters and even less about the long term emotional and psychological ramifications to a child being created via such commercial arrangements.


In the above on-line article Furness suggests taking Baby Gammy from the only mother he has known “as soon as possible” to be given “to a  family”.  She obviously does not consider the woman who carried him for 9 months as his family? Baby Gammy’s Mum is poor and unmarried and certainly can not compete with the affluence, power and prestige of Furness and the people she represents.

Interestingly Furness is silent on the situation of Gammy’s twin sister – who is currently residing  with the paedophile who was wealthy enough to organise the surrogacy arrangement. I believe responses like hers are expected when individuals feel entitled to use another women’s womb to meet their needs.  This IS NOT ABOUT ABANDONED CHILDREN. This has nothing to do with “saving orphans”.   These children are being created purposely to satisfy someone’s need.  There is little difference, except in semantics, when a poor, young, pregnant girl/woman in the US is convinced that it is better for her unborn child to be taken at birth and brought up by wealthier strangers.  In my view this is a form of commercial surrogacy under the banner of domestic adoption.  When the baby has a mother but the adopters stand at the foot of the bed waiting for it  to be born so they cut the cord and take possession, in my opinion that is using another women’s womb for your benefit.  It has nothing to do with the welfare or rights of the child.

Under Thai law, Ms Pattharamon (Goy), Gammy’s surrogate mother, is the lawful mother of six-month-old Gammy (SMH, 11/8/2014, News p. 3).  Yet Furness still advocates for her baby to be forcibly taken.

The article states:

While she didn’t know all the facts about Gammy’s case, she said a safe home should be found for him ‘as soon as possible’.

‘You know what? Baby Gammy happens every minute in Africa,’ Ms Furness said.

‘There are so many special needs children that families don’t have the physical or emotional resources to care for those kids.

‘They are abandoned vulnerable children and they’re the kids that we need to find families for. ‘So I would say for baby Gammy, we need to find him a family as soon as possible.’


Infertility is very sad, but the worst thing that can happen to a human being is to have their baby or infant taken  and to never know what happened to it.  The trauma, the grief is unbearable and lifelong. Just ask anyone who has gone through the experience of having a son or daugher kidnapped.  Do they ever really recover? The pain, trauma and heartbreak never go away. Eventually they may learn to live with it – So it is a shame that more women do not respect other women enough not to covet their children as does the woman who made the following comment:


SMH – Monday, August 11, 2014, p. 20 – COMMENT










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7 Responses to Furness wants Baby Gammy taken from his Mum and given to a “good family”

  1. Philippa Boldiston says:

    A woman’s mental and physical health is severely compromised thorough pregnancy alone. ‘Surrogate’ mothers ( baby would not exist without her) bodies are bombarded with hormones to prepare her body for a pregnancy….. 40 weeks pregnancy is hard going for many women. Often surrogate mothers have two embryos implanted into her body. Having twins is even harder on her body. She has no choice but to continue with the pregnancy. She has no legal rights. She has no idea how she is going to feel after giving birth to her children. Western babies are bigger than Asian babies and she is likely to undergo a Caesarean…. Do they use stilboestrol to dry the milk? Lasix? She could get maternal Diabetes, post Partum Depression/ Psychosis, bladder and/ or damage to her internal organs and I am certain Surrogacy has its own special repercussions socially for her and her family. Does she want a relationship with her child/children? Her health does not even enter the picture.

    IF the ‘Surrogate’ mother does get paid it is not standardized and regulated. How come the surrogate mothers in India and Asia are still in poverty and have to suffer another pregnancy (usually with twins) after the 40 week ordeal of pregnancy? The orphans and surrogate mother do not seem to be benefiting economically from this slave trade do they? Yet time and again we are told that the going rate to buy a womans body for 40 weeks and own a child/children is around $40,000. The fertility slavers do not want to pay her…. They are demanding a baby for free.

  2. eagoodlife says:

    What more is there to say, the article hits he nail on the head. DLF is as always only interested in pushing her agenda not about the best interests of the child. Unfortunately she has the ear of a fickle PM who runs with whoever seems the most influential.

  3. eagoodlife says:

    Reblogged this on The Life Of Von and commented:
    Taking a baby from the mother who carried him because she is not ‘a good family’! As always DLF seems to have no interest in what is best for the child.

  4. kimcoull says:

    “When the baby has a mother but the adopters stand at the foot of the bed waiting for it to be born so they cut the cord and take possession, in my opinion that is using another women’s womb for your benefit. It has nothing to do with the welfare or rights of the child.”

    Yes, why is the baby never considered? Gammy has his mother.
    He is bonded to her.
    As someone who was taken from my mother at birth (relinquished), I can tell you, I remembered and suffered all my life, even though I did not know I was adopted until middle age (let alone being taken away after six months of life with her).
    Just think about this for a moment.
    Even though no-one told me, I knew in my body, in my marrow, in my cells, in my limbic system.
    My body knew. My heart knew.
    My soul knew.
    My body lived out my existential grief across the decades.

    Babies cannot simply be taken away and ‘given’ to someone else.
    Why is Gammy’s mother not a good enough mother for him?
    The answer to that question may expose many in the Western World to a charge of insensitivity, ignorance and/or unconscious arrogance.

  5. Adoptee Moi says:

    I am saddened and outraged by Deborrah-Lee Furness’ ignorant statement. Gammy’s mother, from Gammy’s perspective is Ms Pattharamon. She is his womb mother, despite the biological input. She was his safety and nurturance for nine months. Furness’ comment is an insult not only to Ms Pattharamon, but to the Thai people as saying they are not good enough parents. We are repeating the pain of decades of adoption trauma of separation of infants from their mothers, if we think this is an easy solution to providing babies. Babies are not commodities and are not transplantable. Have we still not learnt that?

  6. Philippa says:

    Gammy and Ms Pattharamoni are just the tip of the iceberg. What the hell is really going on?
    As long as public sympathy and financial profits can be made for the many fertility slavers, baby traffickers and child procurers then nobody will ever know. I wonder how much money Le Furness did pay towards Abbot’s campaign?
    Nobody in the media has the guts to expose the truth. I wonder why?

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