Furness: an advocate for kidnapping babies at birth and then trafficking them is the NSW Australian of the Year.

A very personal and painful response to the tragedy of awarding Furness NSW Australian of the Year:


It is barely 18 months since the Apology for Past Forced Adoptions.
This was when, after over 50 years, my family was made aware of the crime that was committed and the government cover up that followed to protect all of those involved in that crime ( the kidnapping of a newborn baby from his mother and father)
This revelation has caused unimaginable pain to our family knowing of the appalling way a young woman, her partner and their baby were treated.
The lie that their baby was “unwanted”.
The lie that the mother did not know who the father was when she had been in a relationship with him for 12 months.
The lie that the adoptive “parents” saved this baby.
The lie that the baby would have a better life with total strangers.
The lie of the original birth certificate which DELIBERATELY omitted the father’s name to keep him out of the adoption process.
The lie of the amended “birth certificate”.
The truth is this baby was kidnapped from his parents at birth and most likely sold to an infertile couple.
A couple who were owed eternal gratitude for “saving” him.
I am DISGUSTED that an advocate for kidnapping babies at birth and then trafficking them is the NSW Australian of the Year.
DLF is a the very epitome of selfish.
All of those who support and encourage her are just as disgusting as she is.
She actually stood at the end of a bed and watched as a woman gave birth and then felt ENTITLED to take that woman’s flesh and blood and claim another human being as her property.
She justifies her kidnapping of a baby because the mother was 22 and this was her 4th baby.
And of course she is “saving the baby and giving it a much better life”. What rubbish !!!!
DLF is a pathetic excuse for a human being.
I pity those two poor children who she and her despicable husband took.
There is something very odd to me about both DLF and Jackman



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