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PM Malcolm Turnbull’s push for adoption: Adoption Awareness Week

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called for adoption reform to tackle the plight of 50,000 vulnerable Australian children living in foster families who face the prospect of never growing up in a permanent home.   http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/pm-malcolm-turnbulls-push-for-adoption-reform-to-help-foster-children-find-permanent-homes/story-fni0cx12-1227589474145?sv=fb00f15ab3449eb657afd9362cde5670 Financially incentivising the care … Continue reading

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Adoption needs overhaul or abandoning say people adopted as children

http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2015/s4249194.htm The ABC’s 7.30 Report last night aired several adoptees speaking out against adoption.  They were supported by former Family Court Judge: Professor Nahum Mushin. The long term mental health damage that adoptees suffer from being separated from their mothers … Continue reading

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Furness: an advocate for kidnapping babies at birth and then trafficking them is the NSW Australian of the Year.

A very personal and painful response to the tragedy of awarding Furness NSW Australian of the Year:   It is barely 18 months since the Apology for Past Forced Adoptions. This was when, after over 50 years, my family was … Continue reading

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Deborra-lee Furness child saver or child trafficker?

  The Hon. Justice Peter McClellan sounded as if he’d had his fill of the child savers http://www.liftingtheveil.org/special-reports/australian-inquiries-continue-review-of-abuses Deborra-lee Furness has been nominated as NSW’s Australian of the Year.  I am outraged! Furness an adoptive mother who has pushed her … Continue reading

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Reproductive slavery: Australia puts children at risk by ‘freeing up’ the adoption market

The on-line publication: The Conversation, features an article authored by Professors Fronek, Cuthbert and Keyes.  The article raises concerns about  a conflict of interest amongst those influencing  intercountry adoption policy and legislation.  Adoptive parents, particularly high profiles, such as Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness, have the ear of … Continue reading

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Furness wants Baby Gammy taken from his Mum and given to a “good family”

Furness is using  the tragic case of Baby Gammy to promote her pro adoption agenda. In an on-line article published today both adoption and making commercial surrogacy available in Australia are being touted as the answers to the problems that became apparent in the … Continue reading

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The Murdoch / Furness anti-biological family media campaign: the term relinquishing back on the table

Deborra-lee Furness is back in town promoting her new pro adoption campaign.  The Murdoch controlled media are in full swing promoting her pro adoption agenda. http://thehoopla.com.au/time-change-inter-country-adoption/ Prior to and after the National Apology (2013) we were dignified by being referred to … Continue reading

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