The bond between grandparents and grandchildren


The above was a recent post on Facebook to which I could not help responding:


If only it was true that the bond between grandparents and grandchildren can never be broken – some parents for all sorts of reasons work hard to undermine this relationship. This is even more the case when a child is adopted and the adopters want to extinguish all ties with the entire biological family – their excuse – it might be disruptive to the adoptee to maintain contact with their real grandparents – it is only when a child is adopted that this nonsense is accepted as fact – imagine the outcry if this same justification was used when parents divorced.

It is accepted as fact that children need to have contact with both sides of their biological family – in their best interests. Imagine if the court ruled that the child could no longer have any contact with its father or paternal grandparents and the fathers name must be permanently removed from the child’s birth certificate- and the child was no longer able to receive any information about that side of the family – in fact it was made illegal for them to do so. There would be such outrage expressed on behalf of the child about the denial of rights and that of half his or her  family. Yet in adoption the permanent removal from the  entire family is accepted without question – and as well his or her real parentage is obliterated from their birth certificate -to be replaced in most cases by the names of  genetic strangers.

In fact the child is given a new and false identity. This is normal practice in adoption yet would be considered abhorrent in the context of divorce. Adoptees and their real families are designated 2nd class citizens and their human and civil rights are violated over and over again through the course of their lives. It must be asked how such an outrageous situation came to be considered normal and who is to blame for this travesty?

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