See July 2015 article: http://familylegal.com.au/judges-order-to-social-workers-behind-forced-caesarean-explain-why-you-snatched-baby-girl-at-birth/

Social workers who made a 35 year old Italian mother to give up her baby after a forced caesarean is required to explain themselves to Britain’s top Family Judge. In a highly unusual intervention, Sir James Munby has demanded to know why the girl should not be reunited with her mother. As per Fabio Roia, the most senior Judge in Milan, it is an unprecedented ‘act of extreme violence’ that could not have happened in Italy…….


This story is being recirculated but it is important as it shows the length state representatives can go to acquire babies for ideological and economical agendas. Many may not be aware but something very similar happened here in Australia in the early 1970s. The notorious Dr. Harry Bailey had his heavily pregnant and drugged patient transported from his Deep Sleep Therapy Hospital to Crown St Women’s Hospital. He performed a caesarean that produced twin girls. The mother 20 years later visited Dr. Geoff Rickarby trying to find out what happened to her babies. Dr. Rickarby so shocked by what the mother told him searched the hospital’s microfiche and found that twin girls had indeed been taken from the mother by Dr.  Bailey.  In Bailey’s biography it notes that Bailey adopted twin girls. Why has no-one ever been made accountable for these crimes? In places where there is no transparency and no accountability the most egregious crimes are committed – it seems with impunity.

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