Friends of Adoption, let’s change rules before tackling attitudes

Friends of Adoption, let’s change rules before tackling attitudes
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Adoption is a form of modern day slavery. The fake birth certificate is the deed of ownership held by strangers to attest to the falsity that this child belongs to no one other than them. The child has been commodified and his or her ownership passed on to those who can afford to take possession. Robert Ludbrook, human rights lawyer, gave evidence to the Australian govt back in 1994 stating that adoption law was written like property law

Lynelle Lomg commented about the above article on FB:

Awesome to see one voice in Australian mainstream media who can share the views of many adoptees … it is such a battle in media when you have to compete with those from AdoptChange and their celebrity status with all the power and money they have behind them .. their latest “fundraising initiative” is backed by Australia’s richest woman and tickets are $270 for a seat or $2.6k for a table! If only they would stand up for Child’s Rights instead of Adoption First then they might actually start to represent the true problem behind our vulnerable children crisis. AdoptChange is not supported by most of intercountry adoptive parent orgs in Australia either .. yet their opinions and views are never sought either.


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