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My Talk: Event to commemorate the passage of a motion for memorial and recognition day of NSW Forced Adoption Apology

Below is the talk I presented at a forum organised by Jan Barham (MLC) Greens primarily to educate her parliamentarian colleagues about the issue of past Forced Adoption.  This was a direct outcome of the successful passage of her motion … Continue reading

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Reproductive slavery: Australia puts children at risk by ‘freeing up’ the adoption market

The on-line publication: The Conversation, features an article authored by Professors Fronek, Cuthbert and Keyes.  The article raises concerns about  a conflict of interest amongst those influencing  intercountry adoption policy and legislation.  Adoptive parents, particularly high profiles, such as Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness, have the ear of … Continue reading

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Furness wants Baby Gammy taken from his Mum and given to a “good family”

Furness is using  the tragic case of Baby Gammy to promote her pro adoption agenda. In an on-line article published today both adoption and making commercial surrogacy available in Australia are being touted as the answers to the problems that became apparent in the … Continue reading

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